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==To shed light on the path of education==


Jolly-Noble International Education (“Jolly-Noble”) is a leading integrated education management organization. We are driven by our people and by our commitment to the noble cause of education—by acting responsibly and adapting to an ever-challenging world with an innovative mindset. We are involved in building strong international student programs to stimulate significant, meaningful cross-cultural exchange among educators and learners around the world. We develop our programs and third-party partnerships through tireless effort, in order to offer the most effective education solutions for every student. To date, Jolly-Noble has built partnerships with more than 350 educational institutions (including high schools, academies, language schools, colleges and universities), bringing diverse groups of students from China to schools across the globe, and creating meaningful, sustainable international programs that benefit China and the world.


The goal of Jolly-Noble is to build an international network of educational institutions and to promote cultural exchange by cultivating relationships among youth. We explore, develop, in every potential way, in order to offer a variety of education solutions for each student to choose from.


Jolly-Noble has a long-standing history recognized as a professional consultant in education since 2004. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we were authorized by Boston Education Services as a Certified iTEP Test Center and expanded quickly as an Overseas Study Consulting Company providing fully-integrated services for students and schools. In 2010, we were formally established as Jolly-Noble International Education Management Group, LLC.


We enjoy a wide reputation for providing quality education-related services. We excel in our work in international collaboration, and more importantly, in giving our students real growth both through academic and cultural immersion with year round 24-hour support. Furthermore, our organization has accumulated a wealth of experience dealing with inter-cultural international programs to benefit students.

What we provide for students and learning institutions worldwide is a broad portfolio of services including school recommendations, international training programs, summer class arrangement, group study tours and related projects. We are refining how schools, families, administrators and students connect and interact with each other. These integrated international education services are available through our 50+ collaboratively managed satellite offices .


Jolly-Noble inspires its employees across the planet to remain absolutely and positively focused on the highest level of ethical and professional standards for the needs of students and schools.


Mission & Vision


Jolly-Noble aims at presenting students with unique opportunities for their lives and careers. We envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. We believe that education can help us gain knowledge and thus contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We seek to transform society by shaping students in every possible way and eventually in leading them to future success.


Core Values


We realize that students do require detailed & precise information on which educational institutions to suit their needs and interests. Students and their families cannot make fair and rational choices based on limited knowledge. False promises from unethical agencies only deliver students to schools where their full potential will not be realized. Students also need full living and academic support in case of any problems which may occur after enrollment.


Jolly-Noble makes the whole process clear and simple. For students wishing to pursue education overseas, we provide full premier services and make every step of the way clear and understandable. Thus we make personalized education plans according to the student’s academic and personal qualities. Students also receive Convenient and Accessible school information in order to make their own comparisons while our professional and dedicated consultants analyze the information to come up with optimal choices for students. They are assured with Excellent and Consistent Support, and Assistance during their entire stay overseas.


At Jolly-Noble, we emphasize professional excellence, social responsibility along with individuality, creativity, innovation, personal growth, and a vibrant collaborative culture. We provide students not only with support, but overall understanding, care, trust and encouragement. We give the highest regard to the development of each student. We aid them in the path of education to fully realize their dreams and potential.